Name: Walipp-TSU Prepatory Academy

This labor of love falls under the category of “organic, non-linear” shooting and post-production. Why? Because we had no script going in and built the piece in editorial around the interviews, sound bites and broll footage captured during the long day of shooting.

Don’t let the “no script” and “organic” fool you – producing, shooting and editing these types of productions require as much, if not more, research, attention to detail and organization as any “scripted” piece does. And more editorial time, too.

Walipp-TSU Prepatory Academy, a charter middle school located in the heart of Texas Southern University (TSU), was established to meet the critical academic and social development needs of inner-city youth.

The video explores the typical subjects taught on a typical day, but it’s through interviews with its founders, the young students, and their parents that the heart and soul of the academy really shines through.