Name: Hazel Turns 90!

“You, The Movie” highlights someone special (boss, parent, significant other, child, colleague) who is celebrating something special (promotion, birthday, anniversary, marriage, retirement) with an incredibly personal video.

Interview(s), archival film, video and photographs tell part of their story (a great script/narrative does the rest). The art of the interview + the uniqueness of the person =a one of a kind memorable gift to be handed down for generations.

In this humorous mini-documentary, Hazel Smith reflects on some of the highlights of her 90 years on the planet. Hazel’s story takes us from her early years in a small (one light) Texas town, to a career as the right-hand “man” to Herman Brown, founder of Brown and Root, marriage to WWII Air Force pilot, David Melville, their move to the BIG city (New York), the birth of five daughters and life in Levittown, the country’s first master-planned community prototype.

This is one for the history books with a few good laughs, a dash of poetry and a risqué song (sung by Hazel herself) thrown in for good measure.

Isn’t there someone in your life that deserves this sort of special treatment?