Name: Ford Fiesta - Making the Viva Houston Mural

Ford chose Houston as one of twenty cities to hand over the keys to its European car soon to be sold in the US. Two “agents” per city drove this Fiesta for six months of unscripted media campaigns and challenges. It was Ford’s way of letting everyone know they “get it” when it came to social media – and comfortable with others telling their story and with letting go of control.

It was a six-month social media PR and marketing initiative that was as exciting as it was daring. The public was doing the marketing for Ford? What could possibly go wrong? Or right?

“Team Houston” met the series of challenges with the usual H-Town “can do” attitude. One such challenge was the Community Map Project featuring 10 “Must See” places in Houston.

Here’s the winning mini-doc on the creation of that mural.

And oh yeah, “Team Houston” WON the national contest (garnering the most viewers’ votes on their challenges) and drove away in not one, but two brand new Ford Fiesta cars!

Click the link below to view some more challenges with creating the .